Monday, September 7, 2015

Karli Rush Fundraiser

Only two posts ago I participated in a blog hop with a dear friend and wonderful author, Karli Rush. It was a blog hop to help each other promote our books. Well this time I am participating in a blog hop for Karli. It is one that I wish we would have never had to have. On August 13, Karli lost her soulmate, best friend, father of her children...her husband. It was a sudden loss that devastated her entire family. They were already going through a lot. For more on her story click here

Today I ask everyone subscribed on this blog to help Karli. How, you ask? Easy.

1.) Click on the link above for the fundraiser and donate. Every dollar counts!

2.) Click on the Blog Hop links to check out Karli's books and purchase one...or more!
3.) You can also visit Karli's blog page
to learn more about Karli and her books.

In appreciation, I will be giving away FREE e-copies of my book Gwyneth for the first 25 people who purchase any one of Karli's books. Return here to my blog and comment with your receipt number.

Today I am featuring Karli's 2nd Book of the Crescent Bound Series, Raven Bound.

Here is the blurb:

Paranormal Witch Romance Series

Alyssa and Marc are in love like no other crescent bound couple in history. All they want is to lead a simple life together, which unfortunately is not what fate has in store for them. A secret is being kept and this secret has found its way into the possession of a dark magick coven hidden below the already mysterious world of the witches who even now are among us.

Some secrets are not meant to be kept and so it is with the dark brotherhood of the raven, in their reach for control of the witch world they find the secret leads them in pursuit of the daughter and heir to the most powerful coven in existence. Once they possess her the real challenge is to keep her.

Being crescent bound has never been challenged like this before but the power of ice wields darkness and light, which will prevail, is the key to unlocking the secret that could put the entire world at risk.

Will Alyssa unravel her own secrets, and will dark magick again take her to he brink. How will they survive this twisted ride of evil and will all the pieces fit?

Warning: This book contains sex, naughty Language, graphic scenes, and Megan-ness.


  1. looks awesome....thanks for helping with Karli!

    1. Thanks Julie! And no problem. I'd do anything I could to help out Karli <3


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