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My Lovely Blog ~ Blog Tour

I would like to say thank you to the incredible Karli Rush. Not only is she a dear friend, but she is also an amazing and gifted author. Karli's Crescent Bound Series is an intriguing look into the world of witches. Seducing a Mermaid, Daylight, Pine Needles, and The House are among Karli's other magnificent works. I've had the honor of knowing her since her release of Crescent Bound and to see her talent grow even more. I don't mind letting the world know that I think she has the talent and potential to become the next Best Selling Author.

To find out more about Karli Rush, visit her blog at:

My favorite memories-

I have so many favorite memories. I guess one that stands out the most is when my foster dad told me that he had placed my high school senior picture on his desk at work. He was working for The Sun newspaper at the time. He was in charge of ensuring his delivery people got the paper out and payments collected. He told me, "When I placed your picture on my desk, everyone asked me who you were. I told them, 'That's my daughter.' I also told them you'd be graduating high school this year and how I'm extremely proud of you." that was in 1991. I hold those words in my heart to this day. And, although I lost contact with my foster dad twenty-one years ago, to me he will always be my dad.

My Books & My Library-

 I don't have any photos of my library. Currently my books are in boxes in my mom's garage. I just moved to her house and have no place to put them. My collection consists of classics, textbooks, and some more recent series. My favorite classics are Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte, and Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens. Among my textbooks are many business books. I actually had to donate a huge portion of my textbooks before the move, mainly architecture and CADD books. (You'll see further down why this was a sad moment for me.) Recent series (as in not more than 25 years old) books in my library are Harry Potter, Twilight, The Mortal Instruments, and Divergent. I just recently finished reading my first Nicholas Sparks novel, The Lucky One. That's not to say I haven't seen plenty of his movies, but that was the first read. I plan to expand that collection.

I love any book that draws me in and keeps me captivated. It has to take me into its world and make me feel as though I am a part of it, like I'm actually there.

My good friend Melissa and I graduating CSUDH.
I attended many elementary schools as a child because we moved a lot. Most of those schools were in the Inland Empire before it was even called the Inland Empire. Eventually, I was homeschooled for a few months because I was in foster care. Afterwards, my foster parents enrolled me at Eisenhower High or Ike as we called it. I graduated with honors and had also managed to obtain a certificate in Banking and Finance through ROP. I began college with the firm goal of becoming an architect, but then I had to drop out because life happened. I didn't return until I was thirty-one.
I obtained an Associates of Science in Computer Aided Drafting & Design & an Associates in Arts in General Education at El Camino College(formerly Compton College). I also obtained certificates in Engineering Drafting, Architectural Drafting, and Computer Aided Drafting and Design. I managed to do everything in two years but remained at the community college level doing transfer classes to attend California State Polytechnic University, Pomona for Architecture. Although I was accepted, for reasons too long to explain here, I ended up attending California State University Dominguez Hills and graduated Cum Laude (I missed Magna Cum Laude by .01 points) with a Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration: Concentration- International Business: Emphasis-Latin America (yeah, try to say that fast five times). Now you know the sadness behind donating some of those books. On a side note, I took tons of English courses some required and others not......maybe that should have been my major.

My passions-

I am passionate about God. Without Him, I'd be nowhere and nothing.

I absolutely love to design. Design what? you ask. ANYTHING!!! I love to design houses, machine parts, clothes, drawings, and the list goes on. I think that's why I take so much pleasure in writing. To me it's another facet of designing. I design worlds and characters for people to enjoy.

I'm grateful for having been chosen for My Lovely Blog Tour to share these details about my life with you. Hopefully you got to know me a bit better. I'd love to hear about you in the comments below.
I have selected two Indie authors to share a piece of themselves with you:

The first Indie author I'd like to introduce is Stina Rubio. She is an awesome blogger and supporter of Indie authors. Her debut novel is The Forgotten Princess. You can find out more about Stina at

The second author is.............(to be announced)

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