Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ready for a 4-day Weekend

I am looking forward to this 4-day weekend. It will give me a chance to get some work done since I have been so busy with papers and projects for the final weeks of the semester. I would like to say I am feeling a bit better now. Hopefully I can get a lot of writing done over the weekend. I like to compare what I have written to a pizza...(yes, I said pizza). I have the first 5/8 of it done and the last 1/8. I need those two in between slices (#6 & #7) to finish. Like I have posted before I do not want to sacrifice quality just for the sake of putting out a book. I want to give you my all, my best. You wouldn't want to go into a pizzeria and not get the full pizza you paid for (hmmm....I wouldn't be very happy either, especially if I saw the guy behind the counter munching on my two missing slices). However, there is good news. I am working on getting the copyright for the TITLE and then it will be posted. The cover will not be posted at the same time because, unfortunately, the photographer I am working with has been sick.