Monday, July 23, 2012


The winners have been picked!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will be emailing your prize within the next 48 hours. Please let me know if the email you submitted to Rafflecopter is the one you want it emailed to. DO NOT give your email in the comment box. Simply indicate yes or no. Once you have done this I will email your prize to you. The sooner you reply the sooner I can send it =)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! \O\ |O| /O/ |O| \O\ |O| /O/ <--HAPPY DANCE.


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    1. An email cannot be confirmed because you have posted as anonymous. I need you to pleas reply here with your name you entered with or message me on Facebook if you do not have a google account.


Thank you! I will reply as soon as I receive notification of your comment. ~J. M. =)