Thursday, March 1, 2012


I have to say that I met two of the most wonderful down to earth people this week. I had the opportunity to meet actor A Martinez and his beautiful daughter Devin (I hope I spelled her name right)[Shout out to Devin if you get a chance to read my blog and sorry if I spelled your name wrong. Oh yeah shout out to Mr. Martinez as well]. Mr. Martinez was gracious enough to speak to our Humanities class at CSUDH after we viewed a 1989 film he starred in called Pow Wow Highway, which is somewhat related to part of the studies we are doing. He answered all of our questions and even took the time to take pictures with us. His daughter Devin is a wonderful young lady who looks to be very proud of her father's work and of him as well. She is a writer and hopefully she will put up a blog page or a web page so we can see her work. This was a wonderful experience to get an actor's point of view on the work that they have done. It was also nice to know that actors judge themselves too and worry what people will think about their work. I thought it was only me!

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